Qtum Blockchain Welcomes its First Game: QTUM Heroes

QTUM Symbol Placed Underwater in the Purple Light

Recently we reported that the Qtum blockchain was to be powering a decentralized electricity network thanks to a partnership with Energo Labs. We also reported that Qtum’s first decentralized app, Bodhi, was up and running. Well, now it’s time for their first blockchain-powered video-game, and it’s a world-first in it’s own right. QTUM Heroes is an online arena player-vs-player game…

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Enjin (ENJ) to Present at Unite Seoul Conference This Week

Traffic at night in Gangnam City Seoul

Singaporean blockchain game development platform, Enjin (ENJ), has confirmed it will be presenting their innovative monetisation models and state-of-the-art game mechanics to Unity game developers at this weeks Unite Conference, hosted by Unity Technologies in Seoul, South Korea. Pat Labine, Enjin Vice President of Engineering, and Roger Walco, a key facilitator of Enjin Enterprise Partnerships, are confirmed to speak at…

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TenX cancels Dash debit card due to regulators’ privacy concerns

paper with red cancelled stamp

Crypto platform TenX has told Dash that it can no longer pursue its plans to make a Dash debit card due to the legal difficulties which come from working with cryptocurrencies with a privacy focus. It has also discontinued its wallet option for Dash users and will be returning all balances. The problems arose from trying to integrate the worlds…

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Blockchain Network ICON (ICX) Unveils Token Launch Platform

crypto currency ICON made out of golden coins

ICON (ICX) – the popular South Korea-based cryptocurrency aiming to build a decentralized network that allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries – published a Monday blog post introducing ICONest, a token launch platform native to the ICON network. I just published “Introduction of ICONest: ICON’s Token Launch Platform” https://t.co/cHxvve2veg — ICON (@helloiconworld) April…

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Security Audit Firm Discovers Critical Vulnerability in EOS Smart Contract System

vulnerability scanning on screen

Chengdu LiaAn Technology Co (LianAn Tech) and its research platform VaaS (Verification as a Service), part of the EOS.CYBEX group, has identified a critical vulnerability embedded in the EOS smart contract architecture. The flaw is strikingly similar to the ‘batchOverflow’ bug that crippled a long list of ERC-20 tokens, most predominantly BeautyChain (BEC), eventually leading to the suspension of trading…

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The Hyperledger Project Just Keeps Growing, 13 New Members This Week

woman watering small plant

The global, collaborative, open source umbrella project Hyperledger announced the inclusion of 13 new members this week. This latest batch of companies hail from a wide array of industries including healthcare, finance and information technology. The Hyperledger project now boasts over 230-member organizations from around the globe. Its aim is to build industry specific decentralized applications (dApps) and operating platforms/systems…

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Mining Giant Bitmain Expands into Powering AI Development with AICHAIN (AIT) Partnership

Abstract futuristic illustration of polygonal surface structure

Chinese cryptocurrency mining giant, Bitmain has declared its ambition to expand into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market by forming a partnership with AICHAIN (AIT). This means that Bitmain will not only be producing cryptocurrency mining hardware but also Artificial Intelligence-related modules. AICHAIN is dubbed as China’s largest AI project that utilizes blockchain technology. The company announced in January of this…

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The World’s First Blockchain Asset Private Bank Reaches One Million Customers in Just 47 Days

businessman climbing stairs

The world’s first blockchain asset private bank, BitUN has announced its customer base has exceeded 1 million registered users in just 47 days. This milestone comes shortly after BitUN opened doors on the 7th of March this year. For such period of time, BitUN has managed to attract customers from over 20 countries, mostly from the US, Singapore, Japan and…

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Ethereum Interoperability: POA Network Makes Crypto History By Announcing World’s “First Production Cross-Chain Bridge”

Red neon POA Network cryptocurrency symbol

On Saturday, POA Network (POA) revealed that “the launch of the first production cross-chain bridge in blockchain history [will go live] on May 10th.” Such a feat will soon mean that users will harness the ability to send POA tokens back and forth between the POA network and the Ethereum network. POA Network are happy to introduce you to POA…

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South Korea’s Newest Cryptocurrency Exchange is Almost Ready for Global Launch

Downtown skyline of Seoul

WIIX, which stands for Worldwide Integrated Interlinked eXchange, is South Korea’s latest cryptocurrency exchange and it’s opening its digital doors very soon. It has been in a closed beta test for the majority of April, but come May 1, the rest of the world will be able to try out the new exchange. WIIX wants to increase accessibility to digital…

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