Particl Party: PART Pops After Technical Progress, Partnership Rumours

golden Particl coins

Particl (PART), the open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person-to-person and business-to-person e-commerce (see: whitepaper), has stolen the show on Sunday; soaring over 40 percent in value amid pleasing technical progress and future partnerships hinted at by Particl staff. Such a strong increase in $PART saw the cryptocurrency of Particl surge not only into the top hundred virtual…

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What Is Golem?

two gold golem gnt coins

In a nutshell, Golem is building a platform that will serve as a decentralized marketplace for computing power. For the sake of simplicity, they often identify themselves with the tagline of being “AirBnB for computers”. An apt analogy, it would seem, for Golem is basically aiming to put to use otherwise idle CPU/GPU cycles found in devices like smartphones, laptops,…

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