New Blockchain-based Music Rights App Utopia Open Platform (UOP) Launches with December IEO Planned

blockchain banking concept

The open standards project Utopia Genesis Foundation is planning the December launch of a blockchain platform that will allow musicians to sell their own music while maintaining rights and gathering data. The foundation was formed with the aim to provide an open and standardized process for the music industry to track, process and tokenize rights. As of today, the Utopia…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Enters the New Rally as a Different Beast, More Mature and Subdued

man looking at a bitcoin

Bitcoin’s overall market capitalization reached a new record high of $339.86 billion earlier today on November 18, 2020, according to data from leading analysis site CoinMarketCap. It’s previous highest market cap valuation was $336.43 billion, recorded on December 17, 2017, just before the famous 2018 crash and two-year long bear market that followed. The new record was set as the…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Usually Wins Big in November, Will 2020 be the Same?

bitcoin growth chart

A recent article from popular analysis and data firm Ecoinmetrics should give Bitcoin investors something to celebrate. According to a recent report, historical data reveals that Bitcoin typically provides its highest average returns in the month of November. A comprehensive graph accompanying the report shows that average returns throughout June, July and August are as little as 5%, with September…

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