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Popular DeFi Wallet MetaMask Gets First Ever Custody Solution

Abstract security cloud technology concept

The nascent world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has until now been avoided by institutional investors because of its perceived lack of security. Due to the nature of a decentralized system, the provision of custody has been difficult since coins can’t be safeguarded in a traditionally centralized manner. Now, Cactus Custody, a new custodial solution powered by Matrixport, has become the…

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Why is Bitcoin (BTC) Moving in Correlation with Traditional Stocks?

man looking at exchange chart

It’s not just the cryptocurrency market that’s crashing this month – traditional stock markets are doing just as badly. In fact, Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies are moving in closer correlation with traditional stocks than ever before. Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin’s 40-day correlation coefficient with the Nasdaq 100 has reached a factor of 0.66 – the closest correlation…

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