We Asked ChatGPT if NFTs are Dead. Here’s What it Told Us

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The narrative that “NFTs are dead” might be overly simplistic and not entirely accurate. While NFTs have experienced significant fluctuations in value and public perception, particularly with a noted drop in their values in early 2023 [1], they are far from being obsolete. The evolution of NFTs suggests an ongoing transformation rather than a demise. In early 2023, the market…

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Exploring the Rise of PEPE: A Meme Coin’s Journey

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The world of cryptocurrency is always full of surprises, with various tokens making unexpected moves in the market. One such digital asset that has caught the attention of many is the PEPE crypto token. PEPE, often regarded as a memecoin, has shown remarkable resilience and growth, especially in recent times. This article delves into PEPE’s price movements and history, providing…

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