In a short amount of time, Chainlink (LINK) – a decentralized oracle network enabling smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments – has seen its mindshare in the crypto ecosystem grow markedly.

How could it not have? After all, no less than seven partnership announcements have come out of Chainlink in the past fourteen days. All this, from a team known for their authentic, no-frills approach; traits rarely sighted in an industry littered with theatrics and flamboyance.

Kaiko the latest to give Chainlink a go

Representing Chainlink’s seventh partner reveal in two weeks was well-established cryptocurrency market data provider, Kaiko. In an announcement issued earlier today, Kaiko detailed that:

The partnership will integrate Kaiko’s cryptocurrency market data with Chainlink’s decentralized network of blockchain oracles, providing a consistent and secure market data source for smart contracts.”

Going forward, it would appear that Kaiko’s reliance on the Chainlink-enabled decentralized oracle network will be rather strong. This is because for Kaiko to sufficiently collect, normalize and distribute cryptocurrency market data, it must interact with a variety of APIs, data feeds, and livestream services. As these sources exist off-chain, a way to ensure collected data can be wholeheartedly relied upon is for it to feed through a blockchain oracle solution like Chainlink’s.

Prague prompts partnership bonanza

As stated, Chainlink has announced seven partnerships over the last fourteen days. That is, since October 31 – the second day of Devcon4 in Prague.

Having already discussed the Kaiko partnership, the remaining six blockchain projects to have officially partnered with Chainlink in this time are: Morpheus Network (October 31), Town Crier* (November 1), bZx (November 6), Kaleido (November 8), Hydrogen (November 9), and Wanchain (November 12).

*Considered a partnership for the sake of this article, even though it was indeed an acquisition made by Chainlink.

With these seven blockchain teams – in addition to the many partners announced prior to this most recent batch, such as MARKET Protocol (August 22) and the entity behind the Polkadot protocol, Web3 Foundation (October 22) – suspense is building among the community as Sergey Nazarov (CEO, Chainlink) and his team await the results of a final smart contract audit which, if passed, would presumably result in a mainnet launch shortly thereafter.