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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Announces Challenge to New FinCEN Regulation

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The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently announced the proposal of new rules to regulate the use of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets.  The new rules would require that anybody sending more than $3,000 in crypto must provide their identity and the identity of the recipient. Additionally, wallet providers must report any transaction exceeding $10,000 to the necessary regulators. Such rules already…

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Kyber Network (KNC) Token Goes Live on Coinbase Pro

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From today you can transfer Kyber Network (KNC) tokens into your Coinbase Pro account before trading goes live at 9 AM PST tomorrow. Initial trading pairs will be against the US dollar (KNC/USD) and Bitcoin (KNC/BTC).  According to Coinbase, the launch of KNC on its platform will occur in 4 stages: Transfer-only (starting today), post-only (limit orders, no matches), limit-only,…

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Coinbase Custody Hits New High with Acquisition of Xapo Institutional Business

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Coinbase Custody, the custodial arm of crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase, has become the worlds largest crypto custodian following the acquisition of crypto wallet and storage competitor Xapo’s custody services.   Following the completion of the deal, Coinbase Custody now manages upwards of $7 billion in digital assets, the largest volume of any cryptocurrency custody provider. The deal, which…

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Coinbase Ventures Backs Matic Network Plasma Project


Ethereum-powered layer-two scaling solution Matic Network (MATIC) has today announced Coinbase Ventures, the venture capital arm of top-tier cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, as an investor in its seed round. Matic Network – which utilizes sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of proof-of-stake validators – announced the Coinbase Ventures investment news via…

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Coinbase’s Coinbase Ventures Backs Fast-Growing South American AirTM Cryptocurrency Exchange


Top-tier cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has – via its Coinbase Ventures investment arm – participated in Mexico-based crypto exchange AirTM’s latest round of financing, according to an AirTM blog post published on Wednesday. AirTM, which has helped individuals – predominantly in South America – conduct transactions in a manner than circumvents legacy banking systems, shared on Wednesday that Coinbase Ventures’ investment…

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Californian Data Collection Startup bought by Coinbase

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Arguably the worlds most popular cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform, Coinbase, has bought out a data collection startup in San Francisco called Blockspring. Blockspring is a company that collects data and then creates methods by which its customers can use that data in the development of application programme interfaces (API’s). It helps companies build lead lists, automate marketing reports and…

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Coinbase Bans Gab Again

More than ever, the concept of “free speech” is being discussed in The United States as a controversial point. Many believe that influencers are actually advocating hate speech and disguising it as “right to speech”. This has led to a national discourse about what exactly constitutes “hate speech”, and whether it should be protected or not. Two major figures that…

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Coinbase CEO Pledges Wealth For “The Greater Good”

There are few companies that are more important to the cryptocurrency sector than Coinbase, which is valued in the billions and already one of the most established “names” in the space. It appears as though the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, understands that the wealth he has already accumulated can have a massive impact, and he has decided to donate…

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Coinbase Moves Billions In Crypto

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, or trade/invest in cryptocurrency; there is little doubt that you are aware of Coinbase. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is widely considered one of the most important companies in the sector, and has been valued in the billions, despite the fact that it has been a tough year for cryptocurrency markets in general. For…

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