Two blockchain-based projects – Achain (ACT) and UniFox (FOX) – announced the formation of a strategic partnership on Monday, with the impetus being a mutual desire to “drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency,” according to a statement issued by UniFox.

Indeed, with UniFox being an Estonia-headquartered startup, and Achain operating primarily out of Beijing and Singapore, the newly formed partnership makes for a promising opportunity for each project, particularly with regards to establishing a meaningful presence in foreign markets.

As Monday’s announcement outlined, Achain represents “a strong Eastern partner” for UniFox, who are looking to deploy “over 6,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS terminals within the next 2 years.”

Recognizing that “the Asian market will play an important role” in determining whether they do indeed achieve such lofty goals, UniFox’s decision to partner Achain – who will help strengthen their reach across Asia – appears a sound strategy.

Having recently partnered with other crypto startups such as Electra (ECA) and Phore (PHR), UniFox is certainly gaining a head of steam leading up to their upcoming token sale. Commenting on how the Achain partnership aligns with their strategic outlook, Jan Turek (Co-Founder and CEO, UniFox) explained that:

This is just [further] proof that UniFox is becoming a global project and those kind of partnerships [are] exactly what our community expects from us. This means open doors for UniFox to Asia and especially China.”

Similarly, Achain’s decision to partner with UniFox was prompted by a desire to gain international exposure. For Achain – who are building a blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions – they will see their native ACT token become integrated with “all of UniFox’s products, including ATMs, POS terminals and local exchanges.”

More Achain–UniFox Collaboration to Come?

Monday’s blog post also mentioned the fact that both Achain and UniFox have been “negotiating a possibility to add ACT as a payment method for UniFox’s upcoming token sale.”

A means by which this additional ACT–FOX collaboration could be realized, UniFox’s announcement stated, is by utilizing Vexanium – a decentralized application (dApp) that “recently released a feature for adding ACT as a payment method.” Notably, Vexanium’s native token – VEX – is Achain ATP1.0 Token Standard-compliant.

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