After MindGeek deal Verge (XVG) now eyes Spotify adoption

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Only one week from the self-described “biggest deal in the history of crypto”, the partnership between MindGeek and its suite of porn websites and the Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency, Verge is now eyeing another historic collaboration, this time with music streaming giant Spotify.

Cees Van Dam, Verge core member in charge of social media and recruitment, has put out the call to the VergeFam, Verge’s passionate community, to add their voices to a campaign to get Spotify to accept the cryptocurrency. On Twitter he asked Verge followers to vote and comment on a proposal by “Dan”, a Verge volunteer, that Spotify make a “formal evaluation” of XVG to see if they “find it a suitable fit to your platform”.

One of Verge’s strengths is undoubtedly its passionate and committed fanbase. Van Dam’s tweet has been favourited and retweeted hundreds of times.

In the original suggestion Dan informs Spotify of the “monumental accomplishment” of the MindGeek deal, and describes the current moment as a “huge business opportunity” for companies considering exploring cryptocurrency options.

Dan also lets Spotify know that any positive move by Spotify will be matched by the full power of the VergeFam. “We are scouring the internet to find any and all available resources at our disposal” he said, “to ensure that consumers will be able to take advantage of our new found partnership and the benefits it entails”.

The original suggestion is currently riding high on Spotify’s “Top Ideas” page, so it seems likely that the streaming company will at least see the suggestion, even if they choose not to act on it.

Identifying new potential partners has become something of a habit for members of the VergeFam, with members taking it on themselves to make initial approaches. Among recent suggestions Stripe and Tinder have built some momentum, with Netflix also high on the wishlist.

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