After the latest attack Verge (XVG) announces new code base… and hot sauce

3D Illustration of Gold Verge Logo on the Blue Digital Background

Having suffered from two coordinated attacks in the last eight weeks, Verge is announcing a new, and hopefully more robust, codebase.

An estimated $1 million was stolen during the first attack in April, with Verge responding with what appeared to be an accidental hard fork. This week another very similar attack, causing losses estimated between $1 million and $2 million, gave lie to the currency’s claims that it had improved its security. According to “ocminer”, who identified the original hack, “nothing really was done about the previous attacks” and the measures amounted to “only a band-aid”.

With concern mounting even among the famously loyal VergeFam, it appears that this time the cryptocurrency may have been prompted into real action. According to Verge Core tech support member “AkashiroNL”, a temporary patch is being applied but “we will have a complete new codebase soon!

“Chris XVG”, who works on Verge’s marketing team, echoed the message, saying that a patch was “on the way” and that these attacks, and Verge’s response, would improve the strength of the network.

Fortunately for the VergeFam there is at least some good news this week. PexPeppers Hot Sauce have just launched a new chile sauce, “made possible via Verge Currency” and they are accepting payments in XVG.  

Verge is currently trading around $0.04, about half of its price before the latest attack. The chili sauce news has thus far done little to improve market sentiment.

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