Third generation blockchain system, AION, is preparing to launch it’s mainnet this week, on April 25. This will kickstart the process of converting its ERC-20 tokens into a fully-fledged, standalone AION cryptocurrency.

AION is a multi-tiered blockchain that acts as a computer network, enabling scalability and privacy functions across various blockchains via its interoperability features. It’s mainnet is developed to link various blockchains together and manage their applications, aiming to contribute to the decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem and the internet as a whole.

The launch of their mainnet consists of the opening of the Kilimanjaro network, which will allow interoperability between Ethereum’s network and any AION-supported blockchain. This is essentially an enhanced Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that allows for speed and scalability of supported systems.

Most exciting for the overall adoption of the AION network is the release of a suite of proposed APIs. This repo will contain setup instructions, tutorials, example use-cases and even a test of their multi-sig wallet. Developers will also be able to make use of a Java implementation of their blockchain kernel application programming interface, which means that apps launching on the AION blockchain may not be too far away.

While no exact date has been set for the commencement of token swaps, allowing for the transformation of the AION ERC-20 token supply to native AION coins, the Token Bridge is currently under development intended for release post-mainnet launch.

Image From Shutterstock