‘Airbnb of Crypto’ Travala (AVA) Integrates Litecoin (LTC) Into Their Blockchain-Powered Booking Marketplace


Travala (AVA) – a fast-growing, NEO blockchain-powered booking marketplace – announced earlier today that users now have the ability to book any of its 550,000-plus listed hotels with Litecoin (LTC), the popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee.

Travala’s announcement – made on their official Twitter account on Tuesday evening – came just hours after Litecoin displaced Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in fifth position – in terms of market capitalization – on CoinMarketCap.

For Travala – whose team operates predominantly out of the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Australia – news of LTC’s integration marks the continuation of a recently revised strategy to offer users an increased variety of payment options with which to book a hotel with.

As detailed in a late-December blog post, Travala conducted “a full audit and token economic review” after realizing its initial anticipation “that all payments would be processed through the AVA token” was a suboptimal business model.

Travala is certainly executing on its revised strategy, with the team revealing earlier in the week that Nano (NANO) – another widely used payment-oriented cryptocurrency – had been integrated with its built-in crypto payment gateway.

With the addition of LTC and NANO in recent days, Travala now enables users to pay directly with seven cryptocurrencies – the remaining five being bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), BCH, Tronix (TRX) and, of course, Travala’s very own NEP5-compliant AVA token.

Travala’s recent emphasis on adding more payment options hasn’t been limited to cryptocurrencies, however. Just last week, they introduced fiat-based payments; allowing users to pay for hotel bookings using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery.

The various fiat- and crypto-based payment integrations by Travala come at a time where the company – Travala Limited – is preparing to conduct a Series A fundraising round, part of which will be crowdfunded (in exchange for equity shares in the company) so as to acknowledge its budding community of supporters.

To learn more about Travala – and how it plans to disintermediate the oligopolistic online travel booking market by utilizing blockchain technology – be sure to check out the recent interview shared below between YouTuber Tyler Swope (aka Chico Crypto) and Matt Luczynski (Founder & CEO, Travala).

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