The NEM foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the “ongoing development of NEM blockchain technology and the promotion of a vibrant ecosystem of NEM”, has announced substantial changes to its leadership with both its president and vice president moving to advisory roles.

In its statement the foundation says that, “Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald will be moving from their positions on the Foundation and shifting to advisory roles”. Both Wong and McDonald are founding members, and were president and vice president respectively. The foundation’s regional head for Europe, Kristof Van de Reck, has been elected interim president.

According to the statement, as the “NEM ecosystem is thriving”, Wong and McDonald are now freed up to “focus on NEM’s business partners” and spend more time “developing strong system integrators”, described as “a critically underserved piece of NEM’s ecosystem”.

Wong himself said that he would now, “concentrate my energy to build ProximaX”, a project designed to “enlarge the ecosystem of NEM”. He assured the community that “NEM’s future is bright” and that “the best is yet to come”, insisting that he “will certainly be doing my part” and urging everyone “to continue the great support you have been giving”.

McDonald issued his own statement reiterating his commitment to NEM, but saying that it had “been a really busy time, a bit busier than I would like it to be” and that due to health reasons he wanted “take a break to focus on some other things, see my family, rest and rejuvenate”. Since the Coincheck hack, NEM has suffered a difficult few months as the worst-performing of the major altcoins. However, since the announcement that Coincheck would be reimbursing the stolen XEM, things have improved. Binance also announced new NEM trading pairs last month.   

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