What is ICON (ICX)?

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ICON is a decentralized network of financial institutions, hospitals, universities, and global payment providers that is aimed at delivering real-world opportunities to integrate crypto payments. Multiple firms and companies are building upon ICON’s platform while simultaneously utilising ICX tokens, ICON’s inclusive cryptocurrency. ICON’s team has begun working with banks, insurance companies, universities, hospitals, and more to allow for seamless blockchain…

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What is Nano (RaiBlocks/XRB)?

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Nano, recently re-branded after going under the name ‘RaiBlocks’ (XRB), is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve scalability and consensus errors such as those that currently plague the Bitcoin network, evidently slowing it down. Nano is a focused, low-latency crypto that entails its very own ‘block-lattice’ architecture, giving each Nano user its own account. The nano network achieves consensus through…

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A Beginners Guide to 0x (ZRX) + Where and How to Buy Explained

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0x is an open source protocol that allows for the trading of any ERC20 supported token on the Ethereum blockchain. 0x gives developers an open Javascript library optimal for interfacing with the 0x protocol that allows users to sign, open, cancel, close, fill, and verify order signatures as well as setting up interfaces for checking ERC20 based token balances &…

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