Throughout this year, a cryptocurrency scam by the name of Bitcoin Revolution has been using celebrities names and images without their permission to draw in unsuspecting victims and steal their hard earned money.

Previously we reported on how Jamie Oliver had to publically denounce the scam when it was discovered to be using his name and image to promote its illicit operations.

More recently, adverts have begun popping up claiming that Ant McPartlin of Ant and Dec fame is making millions from investing in the program. The scammers are even posting fake reviews on random websites in an attempt to give some credence to the operation.

In a similar vein to the previous advertisements featuring Jamie Oliver, the new adverts claim that Ant McPartlin has left his previous businesses in order to focus solely on inveseting through Bitcoin Revolution. The scam has a fairly basic and rather brazen approach of asking would-be investors to deposit an initial down payment of $250, after which it claims they will be rewarded with profits accrued through Bitcoin Revolution’s automated trading system.

Never Accept Candy From Strangers

To anyone with a modicum of involvement in the cryptocurrency space, the scam should be fairly obvious – any company that asks you to deposit money first with the promise of returns later is ALWAYS a scam. However, those new to the largely unregulated and ‘wild west’-like environment of cryptocurrency might believe they have legal recourse should the scammers disappear with their money.

Unfortunately, as history will show, the criminals behind Bitcoin Revolution have been successfully stealing investors funds and managing to evade authorities for over a year now, indicating a clearly well-organized operation.

One of the key tenets and benefits of the cryptocurrency industry is its aononymous nature which keeps it free from insitutional manipulation, however, this very same benefit leaves it prone to abuse by bad actors. It is pertinent that anybody investing in cryptocurrency always ensure they remain the sole controller of their funds.

If you’re new to investing in cyptocurrency, or any asset for that mattter, never trust a random internet advertisement – especially if it uses a celebrity endorsement.