The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the subject of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, at 6PM (CEST) on June 18th.

The organisation will devote 90 minutes to discussing and answering some of the most important issues within the digital space. Subjects included in the Observatories agenda are:

What are blockchain technologies?

What are they used for?

Let’s ask the hard questions

What to expect in the years ahead?

Launched in February this year, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is part of an EU-wide effort to accelerate the development of the European blockchain ecosystem. It was Established by the European Commission and Parliament as part of an initiative to invest €340 million into blockchain technology by 2020.

The formation of the Observatory comes as an interesting, albeit quiet development from one of the world’s largest trading blocs and markets. Despite increasing negative sentiment within the speculative markets of cryptocurrency, industry investment and confidence seems to be growing. The AMA will provide a unique and important insight into the direction of the EU and blockchain technology, and will help to inform investors and market makers of the legislative direction that the bloc will take.

The public can ask questions through Twitter, by using the @EUBlockchain handle and hashtag #AMAblockchain. There will also be a YouTube livestream of the event.

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