Ex-Blockchain lead at Cinnober joins Norway’s Arcane Crypto fund


Eric Wall used to be the blockchain lead at Cinnober until the company got acquired by NASDAQ, where it aimed to advance and accelerate the company’s strategic direction as a technology and analytics provider.  Since then Wall left the exchange business to join the Oslo-based Arcane Crypto. But this isn’t just any crypto fund. Wall decided to join an investment…

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How Mt Pelerin uses tokenization and blockchain to revolutionise banking

blockchain banking concept

Technical innovation is transforming industries. The development of the internet has completely changed the business models of media, entertainment and shopping, to give just a few examples. However, so far banks have remained relatively untouched by the information revolution. A new generation of innovative fintech companies could be about to change that. Of particular importance is the emergence of blockchain…

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How Connecty Brings AI and Blockchain Technology to the Knowledge Economy

Businessman on blurred background using digital artificial intelligence interface

Many have said that knowledge is the oil of the 21st century, a vital commodity powering every industry. However, the economy has not yet reorganised around this fact. There are fundamental market failures preventing useful knowledge from getting to the people who need it most. The research and development (R&D) market has been estimated to be worth $1.9 trillion worldwide.…

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How Mevu’s Oracles system “decentralizes truth”

Blockchain technology with abstract background

One of the big advantages of blockchain-based applications is the opportunity they offer for decentralization. Online gambling is just one of the industries facing a revolution in the way it functions, thanks to the decentralizing properties of blockchain technology. Online gambling is dominated by large companies, each of which holds the personal data of millions of users. This creates huge…

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Verge (XVG) updates the VergeFam on latest developments.

verge coin on chart with green arrows

Privacy coin Verge today issued its latest monthly update to its passionate community, the VergeFam. The post is written by core team member Lloyd SwizzleSticks who works as a technical writer and advisor to the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. Verge started to post regular community updates this summer after followers complained that they were not being kept sufficiently informed of matters relating…

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Has Mevu found the way to take decentralized gambling mainstream?

football fans watching soccer on tv and celebrating victory

Online betting has become one of the internet’s big success stories. Any stigma associated with gambling has completely evaporated and it is now a huge mainstream market, predicted to grow to $60 billion per year by 2020. It should therefore come as no surprise that ICOs have sprung up hoping to deliver the next evolution in the industry: decentralized online…

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Vitalik Buterin likens Bitcoin Maximalists to dictators

bitcoins in front of a chart

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has taken issue with the arguments and language used by single coin maximalists, saying they are the same as those “dictators use against political opposition.” Single-coin maximalists believe that the greatest gains will be made if one cryptocurrency takes hold and establishes a monopoly position in the market. That currency would then attract all of the…

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Is the market overreacting to SEC’s Bitcoin ETF postponement?

Decline or market crash concept

Bitcoin’s price fell dramatically yesterday as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it would be delaying a much anticipated decision on whether it would approve a Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF). ETFs are widely seen as a key next step to cryptocurrencies’ entry into the financial mainstream. Buying, selling and storing cryptocurrency pose complications for mainstream institutions which…

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