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Bitcoin and why it’s so popular in developing nations

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Bitcoin is one of the most revolutionary things to happen in the modern world. Some crypto enthusiasts are calling it the best thing since the moon landing, which they’re not too far away from. Humanity’s access to space introduced multiple benefits to the world, but it was all unilaterally accepted as a large step forward. Cryptocurrencies are still on their…

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Kick Soccer Coin Crypto Token Agrees Sponsorship Deal with La Liga Side


Cryptocurrency token Kick Soccer Coin (KSOC) has confirmed it has agreed a one-season shirt sleeve sponsorship deal with a leading Spanish football team. Leganes, who play in Spain’s top division, La Liga, have accepted terms on an agreement which will see the team wear the Kick Soccer Coin logo on its training jerseys and sweatshirts. The KSOC branding will also…

Read More Earns Tunf’s Seal of Approval

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At a time when certified and secure gaming is of paramount importance, many players are looking to casino review sites for guidance. One of the more important ones out there has a rigorous rating system to ensure that only the best betting sites are represented. Recently, Tunf has given their seal of approval to Many players are somewhat sceptical…

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Users employing cryptocurrencies to circumvent payment ban in Norway

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Recently, a Norwegian regulatory body decided to ban receiving and sending payments to a number of gaming companies that were operating within the country. The reason for the ban, according to the regulator, was the fact that these companies were offering their services within the borders of the country illegally. And the regulator is not wrong – in reality, the…

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All you need to know about Bitcoin Gambling


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been around for more than eight years now. Their progress has been going upwards almost constantly, with occasional smaller dips. The beginning of Bitcoin gambling happened when several countries banned online gambling and prevented players to enjoy this sort of entertainment. This decision from 2006, forced the gambling industry to find a way for millions…

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Tokenised securities: what are they and why they matter

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As ICOs are gradually fading away, newly born STOs are taking their place. The decentralised nature of blockchain won’t save cryptocurrency projects from falling into the jurisdiction of securities regulators. Is it for better or worse? Let’s see what we know about a new regulatory-compliant offering. Mechanics behind blockchain: what are ICOs? Blockchain is all about tokens or coins. Almost…

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