Bahrain University Adopts Blockchain-based Certificates

blockchain network

The University of Bahrain is set to become one of the first educational institutes to begin issuing blockchain-based certificates using the Blockcerts system.

Bahrain is a small middle-eastern country in the Arabian Gulf situated between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It’s famous for its oil exports and wealthy ruling family, the House of Khalifa, who are estimated to be worth $4 billion. The country has recently begun a drive to advance technology within the nation.

Professor Riyad Hamzah, president of the University, spoke of the institute’s enthusiasm for the project: “We at UOB are delighted to be the trailblazers in using blockchain in the Mena region in order to better serve our students.”

Blockcerts is a globally recognized open standard for recording certificates or other information on a blockchain in a secure, verifiable manner. Any data stored on the system is securely signed using cryptography and is freely available to view and share online. The University of Bahrain has partnered with Learning Machine to integrate the Blockcerts system into its operations.

The system is part of a wider drive by the University to digitize its processes and make ownership and portability easier for mobile and remote students. Cameron Mirza, Head of Strategy at the University, referenced the institutes 2016 transformation plan which included the adoption of emerging and disruptive technologies as part of its roadmap.

“The potential of blockchain goes far beyond cryptocurrency and its potential use within education is both fascinating and exciting,” he said.

The Learning Machine Issuing system has become an integral part of the deployment and growth of the Blockcerts technology. Beyond the Middle East, several government offices, academies and private organizations across America, Europe, Australia, and the Carribean have all adopted the technology as a way to issue secure, online certificates.

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