The Poseidon Foundation – a blockchain platform which allows consumers to ‘support climate action using blockchain technology’ – has launched the world’s first digital retail platform connecting consumers with their own carbon footprint. Partnering with Ben and Jerry’s to conduct a pilot, the foundation and technology will be implemented into their newest ice cream ‘Scoop Shop’ in Wardour Street, London.

For every ice cream sold, Ben and Jerry’s will be offsetting the carbon footprint of each product, utilising carbon credits issued on the blockchain. The pilot will help to support a forest conservation projection in Peru. Customers will be given the option to join the company in taking action at the point of sale.

By utilising blockchain technology and the Stellar network, the Poseidon Foundation hope to bring transparency and trust to an opaque and often fraudulent industry. It gives consumers the opportunity to gain control over their own carbon footprint, and help share a degree of responsibility with the retailer.

In a joint statement, Ben and Jerry’s head of Social Mission Europe commented that:

We have got a long way to go within our own business to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels but we have also made some big commitments and want to be transparent about our impact. At the same time, we want to use every part of our business to support a transition to a low carbon economy, including putting an internal price on carbon and setting ourselves ambitious targets to reduce our absolute carbon emissions by 80% by 2020. We are excited by the opportunity Poseidon Foundation’s new technology brings as an approach that connects fans to climate action.”

A commitment to implement blockchain technology to help tackle their own carbon footprint and reduce emissions by 80% by 2020 is some statement. It seems that industry adoption is happening almost daily within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Examples of real-life use cases and industry investment will certainly be getting fans of the technology excited for what lies ahead.

Image From Shutterstock