Best Bitcoin Slot Games to Win Free Cryptocurrency in 2020

Cryptocurrency physical golden bitcoin coin on colorful background

Online casinos offering rewards and bonuses in cryptocurrencies have been thriving in recent years, especially since the Bitcoin boom. However, player reactions are polarized when it comes to Bitcoin or similar digital currencies as their fundamentals are difficult to grasp. However, cryptocurrencies could be the future of digital payment, and hence, it would be wise to slowly try and figure out how it all works, starting with simple slot games!

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

Unlike conventional currencies like the Dollar, Euro, Pound, and the likes used globally, Bitcoin isn’t controlled by a centralized bank. It operates within a virtual framework that decides its value and production. Similar to how the government prints money. So, how are Bitcoin casinos better than online casinos that use traditional payment methods?

For every cash deposit made to the casino’s account via wire transfer, credit cards, etc. the payment authority deducts a certain percentage as tax from the receiving end, i.e. the casinos. In order to recover these overhead costs, casinos are forced to reduce the odds of each bet and offer less-attractive promotions. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin eliminate the need for middlemen, read banks, and other central payment authorities, allowing players to enjoy provably fair games.

What is a Provable Fair Game?

Provably fair is a gambling concept unique to cryptocurrency slots as it allows both the player and dealer to evaluate results. Thus, ensuring a fair game every time! Not all Bitcoin slot games are provably fair, however. And games that allow result evaluation will advertise the feature in bold.

The system is entirely operated and monitored by computers, which can clearly show how the player input affected results. It’s a feature that land-based casinos would never allow! Thus, highlighting the perks of Bitcoin slots.

Top 5 Bitcoin Games in 2020

1. Cash Camel – The latest in a long line of slot games from iSoft to feature a Middle Eastern fairytale-themed interface. The gameplay starts with the player hopping on the back of a camel as the race to find the Cactus Genie Wild begins!

2. Kaiju – Based in a post-apocalyptic world, the player must help the protagonist, HA-42, protect humanity’s last refuge. Players must collect coloured crystals and units to establish a new world order with their character at the helm.

3. Legends of Cleopatra – A rather unusual slot game from Playson where players need to focus on six reels. Although the gameplay isn’t unique to regular slots, the sound effects and visuals are a treat.

4. Grand Prix Gold – A classic scratch card game that needs a single coin to figure out the winning score. While this isn’t the most advanced Bitcoin game on the planet, it’s every bit as fun!

5. Virtual Football Pro – An aggressively competitive football simulation game, Virtual Football Pro tests the knowledge of even die-hard fanatics of the sport. The game effectively combines the thrill of sports betting with the conveniences of Bitcoin slots.

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