Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has tweeted details of a freshly inked partnership with Crypto Savannah, a newly formed innovation hub focusing on blockchain implementation in various sectors across the African continent.

It is understood that this is the culmination of Binance’s billionaire founder recent meeting with the Blockchain Association of Uganda in the lead up to their Africa conference in late May.

The partnership also appears to feature prominent innovative figures in African development, including Aggie Konde, CEO of Msingi East Africa, and Helen Hai, CEO of the Made in Africa Initiative.

The agreement is geared towards supporting economic transformation and youth employment in Uganda, primarily using blockchain technology and encouraging the “embracing the fourth industrial revolution”. In doing so, the hope is that the technology will have a hand in creating thousands of jobs and bringing new investments to the region.

Earlier this month, blockchain operating system Devery (EVE) revealed it will be working with the United Nations Food Programme and the Tunisian Ministry of Education to aid in the delivering of food to almost half a million school children in North Africa using their proprietary distributed ledger technology.

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