Binance to offer 40% Referral Reward

Binance flag waving

Binance is now offering double their usual 20 percent for referrals starting from midnight tomorrow, 19 May.

From their website, they state that each user’s commission rate will be adjusted at midnight each day based on their BNB holdings.

It applies only to users that hold 500 or more BNB (Binance coins).  All other users will remain on the usual 20 percent commission rate.

To participate in the referral program you need to register on the website and get a QR code, referral ID or referral link to share with your friends.  There is a limited number of registrations that are allowed per day.

Binance is one of the most visited exchanges in the market and began their referral program back in January this year.

It’s co-founder He Yi recently dismissed rumors that the company plans to build a ‘blockchain country’ on a private island. The rumors implied that the island had already been bought and that the island paradise would be ‘powered’ by blockchain.

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