Blockchain developers Nchain have announced a majority stake acquisition of Handcash, the Bitcoin Cash application that supports near field communication (NFC) payments from mobile devices.

The Handcash app was launched in February this year as a means for BCH holders to pay with a mobile wallet. It allows ‘hand to hand’ payments between devices without the need for giving out a wallet address or QR code, hence the name.

Commenting on the creation of the app, co-developer Alejandro Agut explains how they wanted to further the concept of Bitcoin Cash being a means of physically paying someone, like real cash.

The development team used the Nchain SDK ‘Nakasendo‘ to build the app. It is believed that the collaboration will further improve Handcash’s functionality, with technologies like ‘Magic Protocol’ being integrated to connect with third-party services.

Nchain CEO Jimmy Nguyen commented on how they were thrilled to support Handcash and praised its ability to simplify the BCH payment process. He believes for the cryptocurrency to grow, interfaces need to become more accessible and easier to use. He hopes to see the collaboration promote a wider global adoption of BCH.

Handcash is still in a beta testing phase before being put on the Bitcoin cash mainnet. It is available to download here on Android.

Image From Shutterstock