backs down on Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash confusion; Litecoin’s Charlie Lee approves

shadow on the chess piece of the king has changed its description of BCH from “Bitcoin” to “Bitcoin Cash” under pressure from an impending lawsuit.  

One of the recurring sources of controversy in the cryptocurrency world is the website and its control by Roger Ver, a leading figure in Bitcoin Cash. Most infuriating to those who favour BTC is the website’s insistence on referring to Bitcoin (BTC) as “Bitcoin Core”, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as simply “Bitcoin”. It is the only mainstream cryptocurrency website to use these terms.  

Whether or not BCH is truer to Satoshi’s original vision, many argue that newcomers to cryptocurrencies will be misled by’s nomenclature. Even many users who favour Bitcoin Cash feel that their choice, BCH, is good enough to win the argument without deceiving new users.

Frustration at has resulted in a lawsuit against the website brought by a group of “975+ participants from influential industry leaders to community volunteers & contributors” who have decided to devote “their time and money to protect users from fraudulent businesses and help victims recover lost funds”.

It appears that the legal threat is already proving persuasive, with changing its description of BCH from “Bitcoin” to “Bitcoin Cash”. However, it is still referring to BTC as “Bitcoin Core”, which, according to users on the Bitcoin subreddit, is “not good enough” and “still deceptive”.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee had initially rejected the lawsuit as “stupid”. Although he agreed that it was wrong “for people to claim that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” and to “mislead users with stuff like ‘Bitcoin (BCH)’ and ‘Bitcoin Core’”, he did not think that was doing  “anything illegal”.

However, when it became clear that the lawsuit had precipitated some changes on he changed his mind. “The lawsuit has already done some good”, he said, and so should carry on.

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