Bitcoin Documentary Inks Seven-Figure Deal At Major Film Festival

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Bitcoin – the most widely known cryptocurrency to date – is set to continue seeping into the shared psyche of the masses; this time by way of a movie-length documentary that has just been bought out for a seven-figure sum by a video-on-demand platform that’s powered by blockchain technology.

Indeed, at this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival (May 8 – 19), a documentary about the fast-moving, dynamic world of cryptocurrency was acquired by Binge (i.e., a subsidiary of Slate Entertainment Group Inc.); a new video-on-demand platform that’s being fuelled by blockchain technology.

Titled Beyond Bitcoin, the Jake Witzenfeld-directed documentary features three influential figures of the cryptosphere: Roger Ver (CEO,, Perianne Boring (Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce), and Ryan Radloff (CEO, CoinShares).

Thanks to the invention of Bitcoin, we’re about to see a worldwide separation of money and state.” – Roger Ver

Sticking true to its title, Beyond Bitcoin promises to introduce the concept of initial coin offerings (ICOs) to the audience, before proceeding to explore the reasons why (and how) these fundraising mechanisms have been able to attract such exorbitant amounts of invested capital.

Further, Beyond Bitcoin will delve into the various ideologies driving the entire cryptocurrency movement. This, of course, can’t be explored without covering the infamous mid-2017 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork.

This is a global portrait of an emerging future in all its complexity told through the lives of three diverse and deeply passionate pioneering dreamers.” – Jack Witzenfeld

The documentary will also focus on other topics such as altcoins, how governments and other regulatory bodies are reacting to the crypto-movement, and the real-world applicability of distributed ledger technologies like blockchain.

Binge is expected to release Beyond Bitcoin in spring of 2019. Producing the documentary is Fulwell 73 and Conch Studios.

Who are Slate Entertainment Group?

Slate Entertainment Group Inc. (SEG) is currently developing a decentralized streaming media platform powered by blockchain technology. By introducing the Slate (SLX) token, SEG is hoping to advance the entertainment industry forward by creating an ecosystem that will make for vastly improved levels of transparency and integrity; issues that currently plague the incumbent content delivery model.

How Is Binge Involved?

SEG is the parent company of Binge Media Corporation and Slatix Solutions. Per the Slate whitepaper (pg. 5), “each of the two operating subsidiaries are tasked with specific objectives relating to the development of a new entertainment ecosystem.”

As stated earlier, Binge will represent a video streaming platform built upon blockchain technology; a creation they’ve dubbed Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD™).

Additionally, Slatix will serve predominately as a decentralized entertainment ticketing application. Native to both projects will be the Slate (SLX) virtual utility token.

Underpinning all of Binge, Slatix, and Slate will be the SlateChain. Per page 6 of the whitepaper, SlateChain will identify as “a blockchain media delivery and storage protocol that can be shared by small and medium enterprise for years to come.”

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