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Bitcoin hits $63,000, setting a new record


Bitcoin is the 21st century phenomenon that truly has the power to change the world and all major financial systems. Back in 2009 probably no one could predict the meteoric rise of the first ever cryptocurrency. 2020 was the year that finally established BTC as the most captivating entry of the financial world. During the global pandemic that is unfortunately still happening to this day, Bitcoin showed the most promise out of all the investment tools in the world. While established safe haven assets like gold and oil were catastrophically losing price, BTC was rising in value and people started to realize that they were witnessing a true safe haven of the financial world, the myth that nobody thought would ever turn out to be real.

Brief History of BTC

For Bitcoin, it all started back in 2009, when the person(s) by the alias name Satoshi Nakamoto produced the first Blockchain network and established a new cryptocurrency. Within the year, BTC gained a monetary value that was counted in less than 1 Cents USD. There were occasions where people were buying ridiculous things like pizzas on online forums for 10K BTC, which is a horrifying thing to think about today. Imagine paying 10s of million dollars for a couple of pizzas. As the time progressed, more and more people started to realize the potential of BTC and its price started growing exponentially. By 2017’s end, BTC clocked it’s first record price of almost $20,000. Last week the new Record was set, when BTC Reached an unimaginable point of $63,000!

How Can You Earn BTC?

So, considering all this insane data how can one earn themselves some Bitcoins? The first simple answer is to exchange FIAT money to BTC and wait for it to grow even more. Another way to earn is mining, but in today’s age, after the recent “halving”, only big companies can afford the electricity bills that are implied with mining, in order to truly have a shot at earning money. Although, there is another, very possible way to earn BTC, which is through playing at BTC Casino.

Bitcoin Casino as a form of investment

This might be a controversial thought but you can definitely earn through Bitcoin Casino, you just got to be good at it and most importantly, you got to have luck. Just like the stock exchange, which is always a gamble, popular BTC casinos like FortuneJack can be your tool to invest in cryptocurrencies. Another massive benefit is the fact that the price of your money inevitably rises while it sits on your BTC Casino Balance. With enough mastery and luck, at this point the most viable solution to truly earn BTC are the Bitcoin Casinos.

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