Bitcoin Investor, Evangelist Roger Ver Joins Liven Tech Startup Ahead of LivenCoin (LVN) ICO


Blockchain-enabled, rewards-based payment network Liven (LVN) announced earlier on Monday that “cryptocurrency legend and CEO” Roger Ver had joined its board, effective immediately.

The announcement was authored by David Ballerini, one of Liven’s co-founders. In it, he explained that:

Ver’s wealth of experience in the industry and drive to revolutionise cryptocurrency adoption through integration is an outstanding resource to our team, and an exciting prospect for the expansion of our network.”

As for Ver – who is best known today for being the face of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency project – he was quoted in today’s announcement as stating the following:

The future of cryptocurrencies depends on practical applications for real people and Liven is a prime example of this. I am excited by this opportunity to grow with them and demonstrate the power of cryptocurrencies to the wider world.”

The major announcement comes just days before Liven commences the initial coin offering (ICO) of its ERC20-compliant LivenCoin (LVN). Starting on Thursday, Liven has priced one LVN token at $0.015 USD each. Three billion of the ten billion total LVN (i.e., 30 percent) will be available for purchase through the ICO.

Aside from Ver, Liven’s advisory board consists of Lon Wong (CEO, ProximaX), John-Paul Thorbjornsen (CEO, CanYa), Tony Stuart (CEO, UNICEF Australia), and several others.

The budding tech startup – which was founded in 2014 by siblings William and Grace Wong, alongside Ballerini, an engineering PhD – has already managed to attract a diverse range of clients, including 8bit, Sumo Salad, and Roll’d. Some of their third-party integration partners are Abacus and Kounta.

Earlier in the year, Liven presented at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a top-10 semi-finalist in ACTAI Global’s Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC). Whilst Liven did not advance to the final three – which will be held on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island – the blockchain startup was awarded by Bitfury Group as the winner of the Digital Currency & Blockchain vertical (see below).

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