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Lotteries are one of the most popular forms of gambling on the planet.  Those who play the lottery are attracted to the possibility of winning a life-altering sum of money while lottery operators love the vast amounts of cash that these games of chance generate.  The idea of becoming rich overnight has given hope to billions of people across the world and there are there are state run and private lottery operators in most countries. Even countries that have adopted the strictest anti-gambling laws allow lotteries as they rake in much-needed revenues for government coffers.

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Bitcoin Lotteries

It didn’t take long for the Bitcoin craze to cross paths with lotteries.  There are now a large number of websites that cater exclusively to Bitcoin lottery players.  Generally speaking, Bitcoin lotteries are the same as traditional lotteries in that players pick their numbers and pray to the gambling gods that their lucky numbers are drawn.  However, there are some differences. neon lottery sign

For starters, players don’t go to a physical establishment such as a lottery outlet to purchase their tickets.  It is all done online.  Unlike traditional lotteries in which winning numbers are randomly drawn from a hopper full of numbered balls, the winning numbers in Bitcoin lotteries are usually generated by using cryptographic algorithms.  Skeptics might argue that using this type of technology leaves Bitcoin lotteries vulnerable to being fixed but Bitcoin lotteries that are offered at sites that use provably fair technology are cheat-proof. 

Another benefit is that Bitcoin lottery winners are usually paid right away and they don’t need to go anywhere to collect their winnings.  Again, it’s all done online.  Yet another feature that makes bitcoin lotteries attractive is the fact that many Bitcoin lottery sites hold draws every few minutes.

Different Types of Bitcoin Lottery Games

There are quite a few variations of the lottery that are offered by Bitcoin lottery sites. Some of these games are very similar to traditional lotteries in that the winning numbers are drawn on a weekly or biweekly basis. There are also special Bitcoin lottery games such as Betcoin’s LuckyX which could be described as a cross between Keno, Bingo, and traditional lotteries.  Players can choose up to 10 numbers between 1 and 50.  Then, a total of 36 numbers are drawn and prizes are awarded based on how many numbers the player correctly predicts.  You can even place bets based on the color of the balls, the first drawn number being odd or even or whether the sum of the drawn numbers will be over or under 153. Draws occur every few minutes.

There are also several Bitcoin lotteries like the one at Crypto Games which are essentially raffles.  Players can purchase up to 10,000 tickets for each of the bi-weekly draws which are limited to 50,000 tickets each.  Winning tickets are chosen using a proven fair number generator and the winner receives 80% of the prize pool while second place gets 15%.  A third place prize of 5% of the prize pool is also awarded meaning that 100% of the prize pool goes to the players.

Bitcoin lottery fans who are dreaming of a huge windfall will definitely want to check out Lottoland where they can win massive jackpots playing a daily 6/49 lottery.  Lottoland accepts players from almost anywhere but unfortunately as of now residents of the United States are excluded.

How to Start Playing Bitcoin Lotteries?

It’s very easy to start playing Bitcoin lotteries as all bitcoin lottery sites allow you to sign-up for free. However, you must first make sure that you have Bitcoin.  If you don’t then you will need to take a couple of minutes to register and fund a Bitcoin account.  Once you have done this, it is then time to think about what type of Bitcoin lottery game you want to participate in. 

If you are a fan of traditional lotteries and like to participate in a couple draws per week, then you might want to consider checking out YABTCL, Betcoin Casino or the aforementioned Lottoland. If you want more fast paced action, then you can participate in several draws per hour at sites such as FortuneJack, Bitstarz, or Mbit Casino.  Once you have found a reputable Bitcoin lottery site, you just need to register, make an instant deposit, and claim any bonuses that catch your eye.  Just remember to read and understand the terms and conditions that apply. The key to success at these bitcoin sites is to be able to be good at picking the winning numbers.

Where to Play Bitcoin Lotteries

There are a significant number of Bitcoin lottery sites in operation and it new ones keep popping up quite frequently.  Choosing a reputable site can be a daunting task especially when you consider the fact that many sites tend to only allow players from certain jurisdictions.  Even then, players need to be aware of the fine print. 

For instance, players from the United States, Australia, and the UK are welcome to play at Betchain but there are still some games are unavailable for Americans and residents of the UK.  Fortunately, lottery and Keno games are not on the restricted list. Strict gaming regulations in the United States make it a challenge for Americans to find gaming sites that accept them but there are a few Bitcoin lottery sites like LottoAgent and 1xBit that will. 

Residents that live in the United Kingdom and Australia have many more options at their disposal.  CloudBet, Betcoin, Mbit Casino, FortuneJack, and Crypto Games are just a few of the reputable Bitcoin lottery sites that accept players from both countries although due to legal reasons, a few games are made unavailable. No matter which site you choose, be sure that it is properly licensed and that the gaming technology they use is proven fair.

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