Blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges currently do not offer the full roster of professional features that seasoned traders are accustomed to. As a result, both the trader and investor miss out on key liquidity and opportunity with their order execution. Security of funds has also been a major issue within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with major exchange hacks fairly common place.

Bitmillex is an exchange and platform developed to offer unique solutions to those currently plaguing other exchanges, providing the necessary professional tools for the trading needs of every type and category of cryptocurrency traders and investors. Built as a hybrid platform with both centralized and decentralized trading options, the exchange includes MT4/MT5 versions and the trading of forex majors, as well as multi-directional trades. As a result, Bitmillex is the most complete cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What is Bitmillex?

Bitmillex offers a complete Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, with initial trading pairs of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and XRP. Features include; auto trading, peer to peer lending, Bittmillex debit cards, free trading signals and low fees. Furthermore, access to Forex trading pairs (EUR/USD), (USD/CAD) and (GBP/USD) means that traders have the flexibility to hold funds in fiat and trade against these major currency pairs. Debit cards will be novel and integral part of monetary access for the entire ecosystem, contributing to key liquidity.

Inclusion of MT4/MT5 trading software will create an entirely unique cryptocurrency multi-platform, multi-terminal trading experience, with the major advantage of supporting multi-directional trading, allowing traders to buy and sell in both bull and bear markets.

Industry leading exchange security features takes the form of cloud hosting in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), deriving development and deployment experience from cybersecurity experts. Passive income earning options are also available on the Bitmillex platform, with; profit share, auto-trade, peer to peer loans and exchange available to the user.

The Bitmillex exchange utilises their native, dedicated token BTML – an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 75 million units, in order to provide key platform liquidity and offer very low trading fees.

BTML Token Details

Ticker (Token Type): BTML (ERC-20)

Pre-ICO Price: 1 BTML= $0.25 (50% Bonus)

Pre-ICO Round Dates: 17th May, 2018


ICO Price per BTML

Stage 1 = $0.35 (30% bonus)

Stage 2 = $0.40 (20% bonus

Stage 3 = $0.45 (10% bonus)

Stage 4 = $0.50 (0% bonus


Public ICO Dates: 13th June 2018


Softcap: $1,500,000

Hardcap: $10,000,000

Total Tokens Available: 50,000,000 (out of 75,000,000)

Whitelist: KYC

Country: United Kingdom

Restricted: None

Token details


The team at Bitmillex began their roadmap in Q2 2017, and have met all of their targets. Below is a snapshot of previous, current and future milestones. Goals for 2018 include; token sale, beta testing, KYC module, mobile release app, exchange listings and headquarters opening in the UK in Q4. Q1 2019 will see the launch of Bitmillex’s Decentrex (Decentralized Exchange Platform).

Q2 2017

Idea formation. Marketing, analysis and survey. Planning and design.

Q3 2017

Team formation, technical partners solution.

Q4 2017

Front and back end development begins. Alpha and algorithm signals testing.

Q1 2018

Incorporations of Bitmillex LTD, Social media platform launch, airdrop and ICO marketing.

Q2 2018

Beta test, Bitmillex platform launch (web), KYC, features, mobile app release and external exchange/coinmarketcap listings.

Q3 2018 (current)

Additional licenses/registrations, Bitmillex debit card distributions starts and platform marketing.

Q4 2018(future)

Bitmillex Headquarters opened in the UK.

Q1 2019

Launch of Bitmillex Decentrex (Decentralised Exchange Platform)



The team responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of the Bitmillex exchange and BTML token all demonstrate a wide-range of critical industry experience.

Malcolm Briton (CEO and co-founder) – is a very experienced trader with interests in Forex, Indices and Cryptocurrency futures analysis and trading. He is well known for his teaching and research on the use of Volume and Spread Anaylsis with trading, with over 30,000 posts for his thread of Forexfactory. When not trading, Malcolm directs construction operations.

Emir Buğra Koksalan (Lead Software Designs/Architecture and co-founder) is a software developer and serial entrepeneur, with years of experience in developing automated trading and blockchain payment systems for institutional traders in East Europe and Asia. Emir has built self-developed, bulkSMS generation portals to various clients across the globe. Other roles include CEO of Nixarsoft.

Other notable Core Team members include Rajdeep Dhar (Co-founder, head of Business Development), Matthias Van Dooren (Team Lead and Social Media Content) and Syed Hashim Jamal (CTO).

The Bitmillex team also have an impressive and enviable roster of Industry and Blockchain Advisors. Of particular note is Arun Sachdeva, Navdeep Garg, Lalit Bansal, and Laura Zaharia.

Team details

Company Structure

The Bitmillex exchange and Limited company are both UK based. The privately structured companies therefore come under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and relevant financial regulations. Management and development of the enterprise network and utility token will therefore be facilitated by the Bitmillex LTD.


The choice of cryptocurrency exchanges for the professional trader is currently lacking. Many are missing key features such as Forex trading pairs for further liquidity, as well as PoS fiat on-and-off ramps. Bitmillex provides a full roster of all of these features and more, with debit cards, Forex, peer-to-peer lending, full cloud security, as well as directional market trades. In deploying both a centralised and decentralised exchange network, users have the choice and flexibility to decide which service better matches their needs. By utilising the ERC20 BTML token, traders and investors will benefit from key inter-exchange liquidity and very low trading fees. The team have a wealth of development and business experience, and look set to meet every target of their roadmap.


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