U.S. Hiring Spree: #B1June Just the Beginning?

Washington DC Capital detail with american flag

It appears – the publisher of the EOSIO blockchain protocol tied to the popular EOS cryptocurrency – is planning a longer stay at the U.S. capital than its mysterious one-day #B1June event leads on.

Indeed, looking to’s careers page, it appears the well-resourced, Hong Kong-headquartered blockchain software company is preparing to open an office in Northern Virginia, the most populous region of the U.S. state of Virginia and the Washington metropolitan area.

Cryptocoin Spy can confirm eight positions were posted by in recent days. This comes after the company – spearheaded by Brendan Blumer (CEO) and Daniel Larimer (CTO) – published its first-ever Northern Virginia-based job postings – for an IT Systems Administrator and a Project Manager – on March 20 and March 25, respectively.

In no particular order, the eight newly posted jobs is hiring for in Northern Virginia are: Senior GRC Specialist, Vice President of Security Operations, Senior Security Engineer, Senior Security Researcher, Project Manager (Cyber Security), Talent Acquisition Specialist, Head of Communications, and Head of Product Marketing.

To be sure, the ten individuals hires will not be stationed in the Washington, D.C., capital. For all intents and purposes, though, the location of these latest job postings is certainly worth noting. The fact Northern Virginia borders Washington, D.C. is known by many. What is not, however, is that the region houses a number of federal government institutions commonly (though falsely) thought to be located in the nation’s capital. The Pentagon (i.e., the United States Department of Defense headquarters) and the George Bush Center for Intelligence (i.e. the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)) are two such examples.

The Washington, D.C.-based #B1June event has been teased by since late March. So far, the date – June 1, 2019 – is the only titbit of detail that has been publicly shared. – who are also currently hiring for Los Angeles, Blacksburg, and Hong Kong – have instructed people eager for more information regarding the #B1June event to subscribe to their emailing list for further updates.

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