The Block Producer App Coalition (BPAC) has announced that they will work with EOS in promoting the platform to developers.

BPAC is made up of four application developer names who are very well-established in global blockchain circles – SpringRole, BLOCKv, White Rabbit and Workcoin.

SpringRole is a machine learning-based recruitment startup based in Bangalore, India, that helps users build an online reputation and verified resume. BLOCKv is a programmable blockchain layer used to develop dynamic digital goods called vAtoms. Workcoin provides a decentralized app for freelancers and White Rabbit is an ICO discovery and indexing platform.

Full EOS App Support

The BPAC team plan to support all dApps for EOS and will additionally contribute to the community by donating some EOS earned by the Block Producer to promoting and building apps on the BPAC dApp store.

Citing high transaction costs and scalability issues associated with Ethereum, BPAC are fully committed to assisting in the transition to EOS through educational tools and dApp support.

Their short and medium term goals include reinvesting in hardware and software infrastructure to run the EOS open-source protocol efficiently, indexing and classifying the discovery of EOS apps and building developer tools to assist writing to the EOS blockchain.  

They also intend on creating a transparent marketplace of resources for the EOS developer community and promoting a global vision of the EOS community.

Image From Shutterstock