Block Reward: Factom (FCT), Brave (BAT) Earn Recognition Outside The Crypto Bubble

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In a promising sign for the cryptocurrency space as a whole, both Factom (FCT) and Brave (owner of the Basic Attention Token (BAT)) have enjoyed some well-earned public recognition in these early stages of April.

Starting with Factom, the collaborative blockchain platform that is working to create an unalterable record for loan documents (see: Factom Harmony), on Monday they were listed in HousingWire’s top hundred tech firms in the mortgage finance space for 2018.

HousingWire, who claims to be the most influential source of news and information on U.S. housing finance, tweeted about Factom’s inclusion into the 2018 HW Tech100 to its 104,000+ followers (also retweeted by Factom). Notably, the two entities are headquartered in Texas.

The other cryptocurrency to have gained mass exposure was Basic Attention Token (BAT), for Wednesday saw Brave Software, the platform which BAT is integrated with (at this stage of its roadmap), earn a Webby nomination for its Android app. Voting closes April 19.

The Webby Awards are now in their 22nd year and are universally regarded as the premier international award re: acknowledging excellence on the Internet. They now honour seven major media formats: websites, film & video, advertising, media & PR, social, games, podcasts & digital audio, and mobile sites & apps; the latter being where Brave Software’s nomination for ‘Services & Utilities’ falls

As top 70 cryptocurrencies (by market cap), both Factom (FCT) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) have done wonders for their chances of longevity (in what many consider an over-saturated cryptocurrency market). This is because external recognition appears as good a legitimizing factor as any, particularly in this cryptocurrency industry plagued by delusionary startups who talk a big game despite having little to show for it.

Another cryptoasset to have benefitted from external validation in recent times is Power Ledger (POWR). Having entered the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2018, the blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform advanced through to the top 10 last November, and then to the top 3 in January.

The final is not expected until October 19, however, as it was postponed following the horrific events of last September which saw hurricanes Irma and Maria leave the British Virgin Islands (including Necker Island) in ruin.

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