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Blockchain Network ICON (ICX) Unveils Token Launch Platform

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ICON (ICX) – the popular South Korea-based cryptocurrency aiming to build a decentralized network that allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries – published a Monday blog post introducing ICONest, a token launch platform native to the ICON network.

ICONest can be thought of as a service “designed to simplify creating your own DApp project.” According to the ICON Team, all the required development has been completed. Serving as a degree of proof backing up this claim are three screenshots accompanying Monday’s announcement, each of which depicts certain features of ICONest: [1] project settings, [2] management tools, and [3] dashboard. Additionally, ICONest will be showcased at Consensus 2018 (May 14-16).

ICONest’s goal is to simplify the project launch process allowing for more efficient expansion of the ICON network. We’re looking forward to seeing the synergies created between ICON and its respective DApps.” – ICON Team

Blue Whale Makes First Splash

Already making use of ICON’s native token launch platform is Blue Whale (BWX) – the first DApp built on ICON – where ICONest is responsible for administering the BWX token sale. Per Monday’s announcement, the DApp teams partnered with ICON will be the first to use the ICONest service.”

At The Eleventh Hour

The April 30 unveiling meant that ICON remained technically in adherence with a recently shared ICON roadmap which promised that April would see the release of an ICO Platform.

Regarding accessibility, the team stated that the token launch platform will “open to the public upon completion of the main net token swap on all exchanges.” For now, community members can look forward to the May 11 launch of the ICONest website.

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