Blockchain-Powered vAtoms Unleashed as BLOCKv Platform Launches

Augmented reality marketing concept

Emerging crypto startup BLOCKv has announced the official launch of its highly anticipated BLOCKv Platform. Anyone can now access the platform to “create and kickstart a blockchain project;” making use of a promising new class for virtual digital objects called vAtoms.

Now out of beta – a phase that saw over a hundred developers create new vAtom-inclusive projects – the BLOCKv Platform is ready to enter into what the BLOCKv team calls “a self-service environment.”

No longer is the portal’s activity restricted to the number of developers BLOCKv chooses to manually onboard. Now, any developer is free to “register, login and manage the development of vAtoms through a personal workspace,” according to BLOCKv’s announcement.

Our goal is to have autonomous, self-aware, context-aware, dynamic digital objects in the form of non-fungible tokens that become a new way to create real value — digital goods that bridge to the real world.” – Gunter Thiel (CTO, BLOCKv)

Indicative of a diligent approach to testing and development, BLOCKv disclosed that “over 1 million vAtoms have been created and distributed during the last few months.” Such volumes have come via a diverse set of use cases, too, something the BLOCKv team says helped them “determine what improvements and new features were needed.”

Examples of users that created vAtoms on the BLOCKv Platform – in an attempt to bolster engagement with their respective audiences – were the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and Meda, a major institution of the Mexican government.

Accompanying Tuesday’s announcement of the BLOCKv Platform was news that the beta version of two additional frameworks – ‘Cycler’ and ‘Brain’ – have been launched. By the end of October, the team plans to make these BLOCKv-Platform-enhancing frameworks available to selected developers, with the onboarding process for doing so to be announced “in the coming weeks.”

BLOCKv also revealed that an entirely new set of open source SDKs has been made available for iOS, Android and Web, along with a plugin for open-source virtual reality platform, High Fidelity; “allowing vAtoms to enter and leave the High Fidelity virtual world.” Moreover, BLOCKv detailed a number of new features that have been added to their vAtoms progressive web app (PWA).

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