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Brief History of Bitcoin in the Poker Community

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The world of online poker offers various ways to deposit real money into online accounts, and, of course, Bitcoin is one of them. This digital currency has changed our modern world, no doubt that it has influenced the gambling industry.

BTC can be used to purchase different goods and pay for various services. At the same time, gamblers can buy chips to play on Bitcoin poker sites. 

Of course, poker players say that this currency has both benefits and drawbacks. That’s why you should consider all pros and cons before you start playing at poker platforms that accept Bitcoin.

Let’s take a look at the history of BTC poker and how the digital currency is expected to influence the poker community further. Although BTC poker appeared not so long ago, it quickly gained its fans and continues to attract players interested in online gambling services that embrace Bitcoin.

Brief History of Bitcoin Poker

The story of online Bitcoin poker started in 2010 when the first BTC poker tournament was organized. The buy-in fee was set at 50 BTC, however, take into consideration that the original price of Bitcoin was extremely low in comparison to the modern one. About 333 BTC were estimated at a dollar.

The game was organized by BicoinFX, a user of the Bitcoin forum. Although it wasn’t a professional poker tournament, it was the first step to the combination of the world’s most famous table game and digital currency. And the interesting fact is that the user with the nickname “dadollar” managed to win that tournament and earned 600 BTC.

Benefits of BTC for Poker Players

Bitcoin is one of the best deposit methods because it has a lot of benefits. The biggest advantage is the possibility of conducting transactions within very short periods. The money will be sent directly to the recipient avoiding third parties.

Secondly, when you use BTC, you don’t need to provide any personal data. That’s why it’s an ideal option for a person who doesn’t want to share private information online.

And finally, digital cryptocurrency has cheap operational costs. Due to it, any poker room, which accepts BTC, offers a low rake charge.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Poker

Although, according to Forbes, Bitcoin provides its users with tons of advantages, it’s still not accepted by the majority of various services. Take into consideration that its market and value are extremely unstable and unpredictable.

You can never be sure that your winnings won’t just lose their value when you play at Bitcoin poker casino. Don’t forget that it’s possible to lose all your money in a couple of seconds in case the hard drive of the device where you store your BTC is damaged.

Future of Bitcoin Poker Sites

According to Bitcoin News, it’s a no-brainer that, despite all problems, BTC gains more and more popularity across the world. There is enough information to predict that a more significant number of poker sites will appear in the nearest future. Thanks to fast transactions and the absence of fees, this currency will continue to attract a lot of poker players.

Besides, BTC stands a good chance to increase in price. Due to this news, more online gambling platforms will accept this digital currency as a deposit method in the nearest future.

Online Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Any professional poker player regularly takes part in various tournaments. And there is no wonder that due to the development of BTC, different gambling platforms started offering Bitcoin poker tournaments. They have some unique features you should take into consideration.

First of all, these tournaments guarantee that you’ll remain anonymous. Besides, their duration is shorter in comparison to real-life poker tournaments. Usually, such an online event takes up to ten minutes.

Nevertheless, you may face a problem when you decide to select a Bitcoin online casino. Many shady gambling platforms may just steal your money. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, make sure that you only gamble at a reputable online casino.

It’ll be a great idea to read some reviews about this or that gambling platform that embraces Bitcoin before starting using it. In case you want to save your time and make the right choice, have a look at Café Casino. According to the review at OnlineCasinoGems, this amazing service offers a number of bonuses to beginners and a variety of games to professional players.

The casino accepts BTC deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, if you make a deposit using this digital currency, you’ll receive a 600% match bonus of up to $6,000. Also, consider that it has a 35x wagering requirement.

Various online casinos regularly organize many more Bitcoin tournaments. Although the risks are high, such games provide players with the chance to make a packet within several minutes.


Bitcoin has changed the gambling industry, including poker. There are no doubts that as soon as all problems related to this cryptocurrency are solved, BTC will become an integral part of online poker. Due to its benefits, players can get better gambling experience and earn more money.

As seen on CryptoCoinSpy, there are many Bitcoin poker sites that you can use right now to get acquainted with this digital currency and its main benefits. Also, take into account that all these platforms are absolutely legal in the US.

And, in case you check out the news provided by this website, you’ll see that the situation on the market of digital currencies is stable. That’s why you shouldn’t worry that something will go wrong in the nearest time.

Given the fact that nowadays, the Bitcoin price is pretty high, playing BTC poker comes as an extremely thrilling experience. However, if you have been in search of exactly that, you can choose the online service that accepts BTC bets and enjoy the game.

Although it’s no question that the development of digital currencies has changed poker, but most of its principles remain the same. You should remember that poker is a game where you need to play carefully and develop your own winning strategy. It is not about pure luck but the strategy and experience you earn with time.

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