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Brooklyn Nets Player Loves Crypto

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Spencer Dinwiddie certainly isn’t a household name by any means, but he certainly makes a comfortable living thanks to the NBA, with his contract netting him over $1 million a year. However, he has been embraced by the bitcoin community, as he has seemed to embrace cryptocurrency in a way that many other professional athletes haven’t.  The Brooklyn Nets player appears to have caught the bitcoin bug.

There are many professional athletes that find a way to create some extra income, with the typical approach being endorsements.  However, Dinwiddie actually entered the cryptocurrency investment world, purchasing bitcoin before the famous cryptocurrency bull run in late 2017.  He admitted in a recent interview, “If I woulda gone all-in, boy, I’d be loaded right now”.  He was also not just interested in long-term investing, as he noted that he had begun trading bitcoin.  He elaborated that if he knew that his trading would intersect with practice, that he would use strict sell-stops to protect his investments, like many cryptocurrency traders around the world.

The 21 year-old player for the Brooklyn Nets joked that while others would be checking their social media, he would be checking the price of bitcoin.  He even claimed that he tried to get fellow NBA player and venture capitalist, Trevor Booker, to invest in cryptocurrency, who refused at the time due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets.

Dinwiddie isn’t just interested in cryptocurrency, however.  He has been involved, on every level, with the creation of his upcoming shoe line, K8IROS.  25.08% of the proceeds from the company will go to charity, which is a nod to his college basketball numbers, 25 and 8. The

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