Cardano (ADA) Picking Up Steam in Asia, Now Accepted by South Korean Mobile Payment App

Concept of Cardano

One of South Korea’s largest mobile payment platforms, Metaps Plus, will be integrating the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency, in a huge move signalling the start of some serious widespread adoption.

Metaps Plus is the first Asian mobile platform that is completely integrated with cryptocurrencies.

Partners of Metaps Plus boast the combined delivery of over one billion mobile app downloads and ten million mobile-to-offline (read: retail) transactions every year, and the ADA token will be available for use in every one of them.

And it won’t just be online transactions, either. Cardano will be able to be used in over 33,000 franchise stores by the third quarter of this year.

Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO, a key Cardano partner, commented:

Our partnership with Metaps plus will allow ADA to expand more rapidly and be recognized eventually as a new way for payment settlement in the Korean market. I am very excited to be able to open a new era together through this platform.”

It is understood that this may be seen as a direct partnership with EMURGO, rather than the Cardano Foundation. Seungyeon Kim, CEO of Metaps, had this to say on the development:

I am very excited to partner with EMURGO, integrating ADA coin into one of Korea’s biggest mobile payment platforms. We are simply focused on delivering incremental sales to our offline and platform partners, as well as owners of the ADA coin”.

The Cardano blockchain is notably spearheaded by Charles Hoskinson, the former co-founder of both BitShares and Ethereum.

Interestingly, the other co-founder of BitShares was Daniel Larimer, head developer at, the main driving force behind the EOSIO (EOS) platform.

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