Changelly and Binance: Once Rivals, Now a Team

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In a recent Medium post, popular instant cryptocurrency exchange Changelly has announced a new partnership with the world’s leading digital asset exchange, Binance.

Changelly is a well-known service offering more than 100 coins and tokens. In addition, the company is also providing an instant exchange API to partners such as Coinmarketcap, Coinomi and Jaxx.

Prior to the announcement, Changelly’s CEO, Konstantin Gladych, met with Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance on the mediterenean island of Malta. During the rendezvous, the pair discussed a potential partnership as well as regulatory-related issues.

The deal will see Changelly act as mediator between Binance and its partners by bringing new options and trading pairs to the table.

In return, Binance will provide Changelly with some long-needed spotlight and create opportunities to access popular digital assets currently out of reach to Changelly users.

The small country of Malta is slowly but surely becoming a hotspot for blockchain companies. Earlier in the month, Binance announced they would be relocating their headquarters to the capital city of Valetta, citing regulatory hassles in Japan, Hong Kong and their native country of China.

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