Coinbase Bans Gab Again

More than ever, the concept of “free speech” is being discussed in The United States as a controversial point. Many believe that influencers are actually advocating hate speech and disguising it as “right to speech”. This has led to a national discourse about what exactly constitutes “hate speech”, and whether it should be protected or not.

Two major figures that have been at the center of this debate are Gavin McGinnes, the leader of the Proud Boys – what many consider to be a right-wing hate group, and Sargon of Akkad, who was recently banned from Patreon for “hate speech”. Sargon of Akkad, a popular Youtuber, responded to the Patreon ban in the form of a video, which can be seen below:


About Gab

Gab has emerged as a conservative alternative to Twitter for those who identify as “far-right”, often protecting users that post hateful content about other races and ethnicities. The platform was formed in August 2016, after Twitter started cracking down on what the platform believed to be “hate speech”. Many have pointed out that neo-Nazis in particular have migrated to Gab.

Gab was actually forced offline when it was revealed that Robert Bowers had posted on the website moments before he carried out a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Many had questioned why the platform was even allowed to exist, and many high-profile companies severed all ties with Gab – including Paypal, Stripe, and Godaddy.

New Coinbase Ban

Gab has turned to Bitcoin as a result of the payment provider bans, although it is clear that Coinbase wants nothing to do with the platform. Although Coinbase banned Gab in June, it apparently has banned it once more. Gab took to Twitter to express frustration, which divided many in the cryptocurrency community:


Coinbase has not responded to the tweets. It is also unclear whether Coinbase will reverse the ban, or not. Torba has claimed that not all of the views expressed on the platform are necessarily his.

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