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Coinbase CTO blocks Monero’s (XMR) Riccardo Spagni as Naval Ravikant joke backfires

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Monero’s Riccardo “FluffyPony” Spagni has become one of the most liked figures in cryptocurrency thanks to his sense of humour and willingness to say things that others won’t. However, his recent jokes at the expense of Naval Ravikant may have backfired as some leading cryptocurrency figures accuse him of “bullying”.

Naval Ravikant, the CEO and founder of startup platform AngelList, is one of the most influential figures on “crypto twitter”, frequently posting about the potential of cryptocurrencies, along with other pieces of actionable philosophy and self-help advice.

It is these pieces of pocket philosophy that Riccardo Spagni decided to gently lampoon in a series of tweets with the hashtag #LookAtMeImNaval. These started with the “To be a truly great entrepreneur you must first embrace your own greatness.

Then moved through a few more crypto-related pieces of advice like, “What is the colour of a blockchain? It is the same as the colour of success,” and, “Not understanding Bitcoin is your weakest think.” Others, including fellow crypto twitter bigwig, WhalePanda, quickly joined the hashtag to post their own Naval-esque pieces of wisdom.

Though most seemed to see the tweets in the spirit they were intended, some thought it was a way of bullying the highly successful multi millionaire. WhalePanda said that people had accused him of “being toxic,” and even “organizing a mob against Naval.” He then posted a screenshot showing that he had been blocked by Navikant.

Spagni added that the tweets were meant to “make fun of @naval’s platitudes” and that he’d hoped “he has enough self-awareness to enjoy them.”

While it seems that this is just another case of crypto twitter falling out with itself, a phenomenon which has become increasingly common in 2018’s bear market, one of the people who took offence on Ravikant’s behalf has more power than most. Balaji S. Srinivasan, Coinbase’s CTO, said that Spagni’s behaviour was “beneath him” and “embarrassing.”

When Spagni tried to defend his joke, Srinivasan said that it “looks like we need to go our separate ways” and blocked him for any further contact.

Monero has long been considered one of the likely new additions to the Coinbase platform, so any falling out between the respective leaderships will cause concern in the Monero community.

Spagni, however, is unrepentant. “I had a blast,” he said, making clear that “I’m not here to please people,” but rather, “for my own enjoyment.”

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