Especially for April Fool’s Day,, the crypto-world’s go-to source for cryptocurrency valuations, is offering the option to see the value of your favourite cryptocurrency in “LAMBOS”. The old choices — USD, BTC or ETH etc — are all still available.

Lambo is short for Lamborghini, an Italian sports car brand. In 2013 a 4chan user bought one and paid for it in Bitcoin, and ever since they have been beloved by the community, serving as a handy shorthand for cryptocurrency wealth, either achieved or hoped-for.

CoinMarketCap are valuing Lambos at around $200,000. Bitcoin currently worth 0.0338567 LAMBOs at time of writing. Or, to put it another way, you would need 29.5 Bitcoin to pay for one Lamborghini. At Bitcoin’s peak last December, you would have needed just 10.

Riccardo Spagni of Monero noted on Twitter that even after 2018’s price falls, Bitcoin is a “half-a-million Lambos” ecosystem.

Indeed, valuing in Lambos does seem to have made people realise just how big some of these cryptocurrencies have become, even now, when they are a long way from 2017’s highs. On Reddit a user noted that, “Even dogecoin is worth more than 1500 Lambos”.

Generally the cryptocurrency community seems to have been amused by the Lambo option, though not everyone found it funny. “This isn’t a good look for crypto”, one user said, “if we want to be respected and move towards major adoption we need to get away from the childish memes”.

Image From Shutterstock