Compound-, Dharma-based Crypto Lending Platform Bloqboard Launches New Feature to Empower Lenders


Bloqboard – a non-custodial digital asset lending platform for collateralized loans originated, settled, serviced, and managed on the Ethereum network and powered by Dharma and Compound – has today announced the release of a new feature they call ‘Offers to Lend’. This provides lenders with the ability to offer prospective borrowers their cryptoassets for peer-to-peer loans issued on the Dharma protocol.

According to their announcement, Bloqboard lenders can now “create an offer to lend BAT, DAI, REP, WETH or ZRX from [their] MetaMask wallet in under one minute.”

The impetus for the release of ‘Offers to Lend’ was several months’ worth of inquiries from community members in relation to adding more functionalities for peer-to-peer loans issued on Dharma – a protocol for generic tokenized debt agreements.

Included in Tuesday’s announcement was a GIF demonstrating how simple it now is for a lender to offer their crypto token up for loan. So simple, in fact, that it takes all of just six steps to be able to offer a peer-to-peer loan on the Bloqboard platform.

Now, lenders have greater flexibility, with the ability to define the principal, term, interest rate and collateral for an offer to lend.”

For Bloqboard – whose team operates out of San Francisco – the addition of the ‘Offers to Lend’ feature comes roughly four weeks after it unveiled a far more intuitive and simplified user interface (UI).

This same announcement also made known Bloqboard’s “plan on making additional tokens available in the near future.” Given that no new tokens have been integrated with the non-custodial lending platform since then, one could reasonably expect to see Bloqboard announce support for one (or more) crypto tokens any day now.

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