COSS.IO to Introduce FIAT Trading by the end of April

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In a post to its community today, Crypto One-Stop Solution exchange (COSS.IO) has announced that there has been some significant development in particular on the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process required to offer FIAT trading pairs as service.

The team further commented:

We are ready to push KYC to test. As stated before, KYC has to be ready before FIAT, so the plan is to have KYC up and running a few days before FIAT to allow our KYC department some lead time to approve applications.”

It is understood that KYC and FIAT trading will be online by the end of April.

The announcement further went on to explain that first FIAT currency pairs would include: USD/BTC, USD/ETH, USD/LTC and USD/COSS. Once the trial has passed as is successful, the exchange will also introduce EUR and GBP pairings.

Furthermore, FIAT trading will first be in a 60 days deposit promo “mode” and every user who makes a successful deposit of minimum $1000 USD will receive additional $10 USD credit for that period.

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