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Could a New BAT Partnership be the Biggest Crypto Adoption Move Ever?

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In a recent interview on the cryptocurrency podcast What Bitcoin Did, creator of Brave browser and associated Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brendan Eich, hinted at the possibility of a massive boost for cryptocurrency adoption.

If you’re out of the loop, Brave Browser was created with the intention of circumventing the problem of invasive advertising on the web while still monetizing sites. Its system provides a method by which companies can earn passive income from their websites without the need to host unwanted advertisements. If it works, it has the potential to challenge the monopoly that Google Adwords holds over monetizing websites.

During the podcast interview when Eich is discussing how BAT could offer two separate revenue streams both for adverts and individual content, he said:

I’m going to tell a story about a site, and you can guess which it is. It has 80 million adblocking unique visitors per month [] and they are ready to try something with us.

A writer for Cryptoglobe did some investigation into what site Eich could be referring to and came up with online publishing giant WordPress as being the most likely candidate. Considering the millions of websites worldwide that are built on the platform, such a partnership would be an astronomical boost for crypto adoption globally.

With several major news corporations on board already, including Dow Jones Media Group, the Washington Post and the Guardian, Brave Browser is certainly proving itself to be a be a project to keep an eye on. Earlier this month Basic Attention Token (BAT) was listed on Coinbase, a development that saw its price skyrocket to a high of $0.39. However, despite the good news, it is currently trading down 8 percent today, at $0.26.

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