Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who once claimed to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has found himself in a heated row with Bitcoin Gold’s Jack Liao. Wright is well-known for his robust views and combative personality, traits which have repeatedly led him into confrontations with other members of the cryptocurrency community.

The latest blow-up occurred in Taiwan where he was arguing the virtues of Bitcoin Cash at a conference.

Though the video only shows the few minutes before the blow-up, it appears to show Liao answering a question in Chinese and Wright asking, “what is this in English or do I walk out of the conference?” An interruption which prompts Liao to tell him to shut up.

There follows a bad natured exchange where both tell each other to shut up and each claim to have been interrupted by the other.

Wright then asks the audience, “Who wants me or him at this conference?” before dramatically raising the stakes of the question by asking, “Do you want my technology ever in this country or not. You choose him or me?

Wright continues his question to the silent audience, even as event organisers escort him from the room. The final blow is landed by Liao, who calls out to Wright’s retreating form, “Goodbye, Faketoshi!

The technology which Wright is threatening to withhold from Taiwan’s 23.55 million people likely comes from nChain, the self-described “global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies” where Wright holds the position “Chief Scientist”.

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