One of the criticisms levelled at the cryptocurrency space is the tendency for communities to form a cult of personality around a currency’s leader or figurehead. Bitcoin Cash has two such figures: Roger Ver and Craig Wright, the perennially controversial Australian computer scientist who once claimed to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright himself acknowledged this trend, saying that “so many keep wanting a leader,” when “Bitcoin is about the anti authority.” ‘Bitcoin’ is what Wright calls Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash Janitor

In a move to undercut this yearning for leaders, Wright said that though “others want to be king” or “CEO” of Bitcoin Cash, he would unofficially take the role of its contract level janitor. In keeping with that humble position, he will, each December, “donate every cent I earn over min wage to educational charities in BCH form.” He added that he would not claim tax deductions on those donations.

When one of his followers suggested that such a donation was easy when “your already rich lol,” Wright pointed out that he was charitably active before he was wealthy, particularly in the intersection between education and technology.

Though he may have been “FAR from rich” in 2008, he now seems very rich indeed.

In February this year a lawsuit was brought against Wright alleging that he had fraudulently acquired more than $5 billion worth of Bitcoin from the estate of his late partner Dave Kleiman. Wright denied the charges.

More recently, during a talk at the Transform Africa 2018 summit, Wright said he would not be trying to sell to the audience as, speaking frankly, “I’ve got more money than your country.”

According to the World Bank, Rwandan GDP stood at $8.4 billion in 2016.

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