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Crumbs App Enters Public Beta, Wins iOS App Store Nod

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Crumbs Technologies Inc. has announced the public beta launch of its Crumbs App. The Crumbs App automatically partitions small amounts of users’ money (i.e., micro-investing) into a basket of ten cryptoassets, including Bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and the ERC20-compliant token of Crumbs’ parent company, Metal (MTL).

Aiming to become “the leading crypto investing app,” Crumbs are now eyeing August 10 as their next milestone. According to Monday’s ‘Crumbs Corner’ post, this date will mark the full launch of Crumbs App (i.e., exiting public beta).

Crumbs Bolstering Metal Ecosystem

The public beta launch of Crumbs’ micro-investing app comes as welcome news for San Francisco-based crypto startup, Metal – a payments processing platform that pays users cryptocurrency for making transactions on the blockchain.

Indeed, Metallicus Inc. – the company behind Metal – acquired Crumbs Technologies Inc. two months ago, as their now-subsidiary’s creation of Crumbs App very much aligned with the mass adoption-oriented goals being pursued by Metal – who themselves will soon launch their flagship product, Metal Pay.

In a recent post-acquisition update from Patrick Mrozowski (Co-Founder & CEO, Crumbs), he hinted at “some very exciting plans on [Crumbs’] roadmap to integrate the Metal coin (MTL), into the Crumbs platform.”

Mindful of not divulging too much, Mrozowski encouraged readers to “think along the lines of rewarding financially responsible behavior by receiving discounted fees for the usage of MTL.”

iOS Nod for Crumbs App

Coinciding with news of Crumbs App’s beta being opened to the public, the startup’s announcement also revealed that Crumbs App is now live on iTunes after their application was approved by Apple’s App Store.

Regarding Android availability, in this Reddit post from Monday, Marshall Hayner (Co-Founder & CEO, Metal) advised that an Android-friendly Crumbs App is “in the works” and should be released in the coming months.

Crumbs to Comply, then Conquer

For now, Crumbs App is exclusive to the United States. Residents of New York, Texas, and nine other states, however, cannot currently access Crumbs App. This restriction, Mrozowski wrote on Monday, is “due to regulatory constraints and compliance.”

Notably, the Crumbs chief executive added that his Californian startup is “actively working with [their] legal and compliance team, in addition to regulatory bodies [in an effort] to be approved in those states and also outside of the United States shortly after.”

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