Crypterium Just Appointed the Ex-CEO of Visa UK as it’s New Chief

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Crypterium, a cryptocurrency banking solution, has announced a very strong move: appointing the former CEO of Visa UK as it’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Marc O’Brien brings a lot of credibility with him to his new role, he spent six years as the head of Visa UK & Ireland, and in that time Visa increased its market share of debit card payments to a reported, and enormous, 97%. Their overall business revenue also doubled under O’Brien’s leadership.

Crypterium wants to be next to get the O’Brien bump. Most recently O’Brien has been acting as a key advisor in Revolut, a fellow FinTech consumer-level payment platform whose valuation is fast approaching US$2 billion.

I am delighted to be joining Crypterium at such an exciting time. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is about to go mainstream and we can be pioneers to build Crypterium into a terrific business,” said O’Brien.

It is understood that the new CEO will be spearheading the release of the Crypterium App, which promises to bring cash-like convenience to the cryptocurrency user. A main drawcard of the platform will be virtual cards that can be linked to Apple or Android Pay, bound to cryptocurrency wallets and able to be used with any NFC terminal.

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