Crypto Comedy ‘KevCoin’ to Premiere this Month

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An awarding winning new movie about cryptocurrency will be premiering in London on June 27th this year. The movie chronicles the adventures of failed rock ‘n roll roadie Kevin Powder as he launches his own digital asset, KevCoin.

The film, produced by One Light Productions and directed by Jason Attar and Danny Wimborne, stars Jason Attar as Kevin. The script revolves around Kevin attempting to promote his cryptocurrency ‘KevCoin’ by using it to fund the production of his own film, entitled ‘The Day Peckham Stood Still’.

Unsurprisingly, the venture proves more difficult than expected, and hilarious situations arise. Filmed largely in Peckham, London, it features bizarre scenes including Attar eating a full English breakfast off of an iPad and lighting a cigar with a burning guitar.

Attar is known for his appearances in popular British comedies ‘Spaced’ and ‘Marshal’s Law’. Despite the comedic theme of KevCoin, he believes cryptocurrency is genuinely a good method for producers to secure funding for projects.

The film won Best Comedy and Best Micro Budget Feature at the London Independent Film Festival, as well as The Guardian’s Laptop Movie Award.

Following the premiere, it can be downloaded or streamed from the KevCoin Movie website. Each download costs USD$5.00 and will be rewarded with 5000 real KevCoin tokens, which are based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol.

You can follow Kevin Powder’s crypto commentary on his twitter account. I wouldn’t suggest taking any of it as financial advice though!

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